1,300+ Graphics, 5 Stories and a Beautiful Parking Garage

Usually, nobody is excited about a parking garage. Most people would not describe their parking garage as “beautiful”. However, today… Welcome to the future.

SBR/Vision Graphics designed, produced and installed more than 1,300 graphic elements placed throughout 5 stories of parking garage in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Gateway Mall, owned and operated by Vestar, provides an upscale shopping experience throughout the entire property. To enhance the brand experience, Vestar invested in the interior decor of the parking garage, providing a teaser to the shipping experience before walking through the door into the mall.

Each of the 5 stories of parking were decorated in different colors and themes. This variety provides a practical benefit which helps shoppers remember their parking level while putting a smile on each face that passes through. This colors and graphic elements in this garage are the foundation to this upscale visitor experience.

While most of these graphic elements will never see the light of day, Vestar leaned on SBR/Vision Graphics to recommend materials that will perform well in the unique temperature, humidity, pollution and traffic inherent in the parking garage environment.

Watch the video above and see the photos below. And, then, when you need graphics of any shape or size, contact us to receive the same expertise and guidance.