Football Field Sized Flags in Mexico City

Helping two countries show their patriotism at a professional football game south of the border.

On November 19, before the Patriots squared off against the Raiders in Mexico City, the NFL paid homage to the host country Mexico and its home country, the United States of America with a pre-game ceremony featuring field-sized flags for both countries.

In order to produce the intended magnitude for the game, two enormous flags were commissioned for use on the field. The flags were displayed during the playing of the national anthems, each held by more than 100 people. Each flag was 120’ x 75’, stretching from the 40-yard line to the goal line. Surrounded by fireworks, members of the military and the football teams, the flags helped to provide a level of majesty to the 80,000+ attendees.

Vision Graphics was selected to produce the flags, each of which required more than 9,000 square feet of fabric. In order to be functional on the field, Vision Graphics helped recommend materials that would allow the flags to billow and move properly on the field. According to Gene Chambers, “We used a special fence fabric, which has perforations. This mesh-style fabric allows the entire flag to breathe a little bit and move up and down without becoming a parachute.”

The flags were created using 10’-wide strips which were sewn together to create the entire flag. According to Chambers, “The edges were given a reinforced hem all the way around the perimeter. We worked to create a product that would perform well in Mexico City and be able to be used again in future games. This provides the NFL with an extra level of value. We also have the space to be able to lay out this size of a product. Were able to check the measurements, which is something that few people in this business have.”

Additionally, Vision Graphics produced the graphics that were used on the arches where the players from both teams would enter the field. Having produced graphics for multiple NFL events, including Super Bowls and Pro Bowls, Vision Graphics is familiar with the nuances of the football game spectacle. In addition to producing vibrant exciting graphics for the on-field decorations, Vision Graphics understands the pace at which those elements must be erected and displayed and then torn down and removed for gameplay. Chambers also mentioned, “Vision Graphics has worked with the NFL and its partners for many years. We produce a quality product and we deliver on time and we have helped them with a lot of very tricky and unusual applications for their events. We have helped them in the past with design and the whole works.”

Vision Graphics has 15 years of experience working with the most exacting clients in high-pressure, demanding events. We’re ready to apply the expertise of our project consultants, design team and production resources to make your event beautiful.

As an aside, the Patriots cruised past the Raiders that day, with a final score of 33-8.