Environmental Graphics in the Office- Biomerics Use Case

As employee recruitment is so competitive, it’s more important than ever for companies to focus on employee satisfaction and the environment they work in. When thinking about how to do so, the first solutions are along the lines of improved benefits, decreased work hours, and increased PTO. Although these are important factors, employers can significantly improve their employee’s work life and productivity by improving the physical environment they work in.

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Within the physical work environment, factors like air and lighting quality, office layout and temperature all play a big role in increasing employees’ mood and productivity. Another piece of the physical environment, color and design, can be a powerful tool to not only brand an office space, but improve employees overall function and happiness. One study from the university of Texas concluded that although white walls appear sterile and clean, utilizing other colors can be used to induce certain emotional responses. For example, blue has been shown to increase creativity, while red can be used to increase performance in employees with detail-oriented assignments.

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Graphics can be a great tool to encourage these emotional responses. For example, One of Vision Graphic’s long term clients, Biomerics, has just about every inch of their headquarters in Salt Lake City decked out in environmental graphics. Usages include wall graphics, three dimensional back-lit signage, custom name plates for every employee, and canvas gallery wraps in every meeting room. One special project for Biomerics was their one-of-a-kind frosted privacy film (see above). This was custom designed by our team to include some of Biomeric’s design elements and their logo and has been used throughout the office to display conference room and employees’ names while providing privacy.

Vision graphics is dedicated to creating and a lively and person-focused work environment for all of our clients. Vision can be there for every step of the process from design to install and everything in between, making the investment into environmental graphics an easy choice to make.

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2022 Utah Jazz Playoffs Installations

Although the Jazz lost in the first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs, this year’s playoff installations at Vivint arena were some for the books for us at Vision Graphics. Completed installs included wrapping the J-note statue with a metallic gold vinyl, oversized cut vinyl text to cover a large bank of windows, a full re-imagination of the player security entrance, among many other projects.



This year has been unlike many years in the past for Vision’s relationship with the Jazz. With a new owner came a desire for a full rebranding. To begin the year, focus was placed on rebranding to a black and white theme within Vivint Arena. This entailed a overhaul of just about everything that had the previous team colors. With the NBA Playoffs in sight came a chance for the Jazz marketing team to pull off another full rebrand within a short timeframe.

Our Sales and Project Coordinator for the Jazz, Roger Hendrickson, has his hands full when meting the Jazz’s tight deadlines and high expectations for quality, especially for the recently completed installations. When asked about Vision’s relationship with the Utah Jazz he had the following to say;

“Our relationship with the jazz is great, I try to allow our team to be as successful as possible while making sure we still meet their high expectations. We don’t say no, we just make adjustments to assure that we are able to meet their deadlines and we haven’t left them hanging yet.”

Over the 20 years Roger has been working with the Jazz, throughout ownership changes, marketing team changes, and stadium rebrands, he has been committed to providing the highest level of service regardless of the changes within the Jazz organization. When prompted about the changes within the organization’s marketing mindset, Roger commented “I think it’s segmented so much more now. It’s just kind of natural that with social media being so much stronger, they spend so much more time pushing that part of their marketing efforts.”


The usage of environmental graphics, produced and installed by Vision Graphics, are now being turned into a social media device for the Jazz marketing team. An example is a time-lapse posted on the Jazz Instagram featuring our installers working on wrapping the J-Note statue in front of Vivint Arena. This post had the highest engagement out of any Instagram post from the Jazz during the series between the Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks, proving that graphics are not only a physical and visual tool, but a marketing tool as well.

While changes within the Jazz organization and the graphics and printing industries are certain, Roger and our team will continue to assure our customers are serviced to the highest extent possible. At Vision Graphics we understand our customer’s individual needs and value creating and nurturing long-lasting relationships with them.



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