Wall Coverings at Maverik Convenience Store

New Wall Graphics Located at 985 West 300 North, Clearfield, UT

Maverik, an aggressive owner-operator of convenience stores in the western states, has created a strong brand around “Adventure’s First Stop.” With locations in 7 states and employing over 4,000 people, Maverik is on an aggressive trajectory to reach 300 stores soon.

As part of the branding, Maverik is committed to building and operating locations that enhance the “adventure” message. Custom wall coverings are a major part of this overall focus. Maverik turned to the local custom wall covering specialist, Vision Graphics.

At the Clearfield location, the wall coverings were installed as part of a flash remodel, a re-decoration of an existing location which had not yet been updated to match the overall corporate look. Vision Graphics worked around the Maverik schedule to install the wall covering during actual hours of operation, without having to close the business for this installation activity.

One of the unique challenges was the beer cooler, a 150 sq ft room which was covered from floor to ceiling with materials made to perform in a near-freezing environment, with high humidity as a consideration. Vision Graphics was able to quickly install the vinyl substrate, allowing Maverik to quickly return their beer cooler to online status.

Vision Graphics sets itself apart by providing a full-service experience. Vision Graphics provides design services, production, installation and ongoing maintenance. In this case, Maverik produced all of the design work for the location, and placed the entire project with Vision Graphics.

Images and video below provide a sense of the scope of the project. We encourage you to visit the Clearfield Maverik location, or contact us for more information.