Vision Graphics Facilitated an Artist’s Vision of the Greek Gods

Would the Sistine Chapel be so marvelous if Michelangelo had been able to paint on adhesive vinyl? Maybe even more so…

A beautiful story of family love was recently retold in the opening of Padeli’s in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. This new bistro offering “Street Greek” is owned by the same family that has grown the Greek Souvlaki chain into six prospering locations, and is a tribute to the man who started it all.

The boys (Frank, Leo and Chris) have created this new establishment is named for their father who first brought the Gyro to Utah more than 40 years ago. As the interior design was considered, they wanted to differentiate themselves from the established fast food chain and provide a more sophisticated, very Greek environment to enhance the dining experience. Their architectural firm WOW atelier worked with Vision Graphics and a street artist to create one-of-a-kind originals, portraying the Greek gods on the walls and ceiling.

Designing for a client is a humbling experience. There is something amazing about the faith it takes for someone to come to you and say, We need your help with an idea and we trust you to execute it. As a design firm you cherish nothing more than that opportunity to translate your client’s ideas into something tangible. – WOW atelier

Vision Graphics facilitated the interior decor in two ways. First, pressure sensitive vinyl was used to print coverings for doors and some walls. These productions were printed and installed by Vision Graphics.

The second item was different than our usual application. The artist who was contracted to provide a ceiling graphic did not want to paint “a la Michelangelo” – laying on his back. So, Vision Graphics worked with WOW atelier and the artist to find the best pressure sensitive substrate. The artist created his magic in an upright position, and Vision Graphics carefully hung that work of art on the ceiling.

Adding to the installation difficulty, the graphic was to be on piece and no seams would be allowed.

We invite all to visit Padeli’s at 30 East 300 South (Broadway) in downtown Salt Lake City to see firsthand how all of the pieces work together to create a beautiful, Greek, causal dining experience.

(Images of Padeli, Copyright WOW atelier 2015)