Window Clings and Decals

We produce any size of window cling/decal. Whether you want something small by the front door or enough to cover an entire building, Vision Graphics has the experience to increase your exposure.

  • Static Clings

    Static Clings are usually made of a flexible vinyl or plastic that has a very smooth coat and will stick to clean glass surfaces utilizing the moisture in the air and on the glass to adhere to the surface. These work best for shorter cycles (Up to 6 months, but may last longer, depending on environmental factors). In cold weather and dry climates, the static clings tend to dry or freeze and then they don’t hang on the glass. The vinyl material is not likely to retain its “cling” abilities for more than a year depending on the conditions the cling is exposed to.

  • Clear Face Adhesive

    Perfect for application on the inside of the window, with the image facing out, the clear face adhesive allows the sticker/decal to be applied with the colorful image facing the glass. The colored areas of the sticker will be backed up with an opaque white ink. The actual surface of the sticker/decal will be protected by the actual glass.

  • Clear Back Adhesive

    Back adhesive is the most common way stickers are produced. The adhesive is applied to the back of the sticker/decal. Clear stickers always have a layer of opaque white ink that is added behind the colored areas of the sticker, leaving the non-image areas of the sticker clear.

  • Clear Sandwich Printing

    Clear sandwich printing allows for the creation of a sticker that reads the same way when viewed from both sides of the window. The process involved the printing the image twice, and putting opaque white ink down in-between the images.