The King of Vehicle Wraps, Graphics and Decals is Ready to Serve You

Vehicle wraps and car decals create fantastic exposure for your company. High quality graphics tell your story, using up to every inch of your automobiles. Whether you are looking for a small visual element, large design work, or a full wrap, Vision Graphics has been there, done that more than any other business in the inter-mountain west.

Typical wraps will provide years of service and can be removed or replaced at a later time. Vision Graphics guarantees you a fantastic result.

  • Cars and Trucks

    We have your template in stock. No matter your car, truck or van, we’re ready today to build an eye-catching wrap.

  • Semi-Tractors and Trailers

    There is no job too big.

  • Construction Vehicles

    Broadcast your brand while your crews are on the move.

  • Advertising Trailers

    Throw your colors on the side of a parked trailer and tell the world that you mean business.

  • Trailers & Toy Haulers

    Pull everyone’s eyes right to your brand and create a moving message wherever your stuff goes.

  • Race Cars

    Wrap your ride with your sponsors and carry them across the finish line.

Full Wraps

A full wrap includes application of the product to the entire, or vast majority of the vehicle surface. With a full wrap, the entire car, truck or trailer will reflect your brand and become a rolling work of art.

Wraps and partial wraps are usually left in place for longer periods of time, but can usually be removed without damage to the vehicle’s original paint.

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap means that the printed material is only applied to certain part of the vehicle. Typically, we talk in terms of a half-wrap or 3/4-wrap. In this case, the hood and roof might not be wrapped, with the color being applied to the sides and back of the vehicle.

The only difference between a full and partial wrap is the amount of vehicle body covered.

Decals & Magnetic Signs

When branding is needed on a smaller scale, the easiest option is to add decals or removable magnetic signs to the vehicle. Magnets are easier to place and remove on demand. Decals can also be removed without damage to the vehicle’s paint, but may not stand up to multiple application/removal cycles.

  • Design

    Superior results begin with design, and SBR provides the strongest design team to create eye-catching, memorable wraps for any vehicle.

  • Installation

    Our trained professional installers understand the nuances of your car’s shapes. You’ll see their expertise in the smooth edges and finished trim. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Highest-quality Materials

    We only use the highest-quality vinyl, made to withstand the most severe weather extremes. Our product will hold fast to your vehicle and retain its vibrancy longer than you might imagine. Our products are meant to last for 3-5 years, and may last longer, depending on your care of the vehicle’s exterior. With 50 years of experience, rest assured that SBR and your vehicle graphics are with you for the long haul.