Full Interior Environmental Graphics for Cafe Rio

New Design Located at 6973 S 1300 E in Cottonwood Heights, UT

  • Durable Fabric Wall Coverings

  • Back-lit Signage for Subtle Accents

  • Magnetic Menu Signage for Dynamic Content

  • Digital Displays Mingled with Graphics

  • Drink Machine Toppers

  • High-quality Wall Art

Cafe Rio, a chain of fresh restaurants featuring fresh Mexican Grill favorites, recently finished a re-branding effort. This initiative includes a new interior design theme which provides a more sophisticated, cleaner images and digital displays. The re-designed elements will work together to emphasize the company’s commitment to fresh, natural and delicious.

This new look is featured in one of the newest Utah locations, located at 6973 S 1300 E in Cottonwood Heights. This location replaces an older Cafe Rio location.

While the design met all expectations on paper, executing the design through production and installation required a partner who would be able to produce a large variety of graphic elements.

Vision Graphics (An SBR Technologies company) worked side-by-side with Cafe Rio from start to finish, suggesting substrates, overlams and mounting options. Rather than a canned package of signs and art, Vision Graphics worked with Cafe Rio management to accommodate various challenges. Two examples included the fabric wall coverings and back-lit signs.

Cafe Rio wanted to add a fabric element to its walls, surrounding two of the new digital displays. These areas are high-traffic and require a finish to allow for durability and cleaning.

In the case of the back-lit signage, the case for the display use a bright LED and didn’t offer the customary depth.

Both cases presented challenges which needed to be solved in order to offer the desired environmental touch. In the case of the fabric, Vision Graphics brought its expertise to the table to offer the substrate and finish to meet the environmental needs while maintaining the look and feel. The back-lit signage was solved through a process of experimental production processes and the light was eventually diffused properly to achieve the correct look.

As Cafe Rio prepares to build new locations while remodeling its 80 current stores, Vision Graphics will continue to act as a trusted partner, working to ensure a look and feel the accomplishes the overall mission of the environmental look and feel.