Digital Signage Specialist

Digital Expertise

Vision Graphics will help you understand how digital signage makes sense. We’ll help you align digital displays with your business objectives.

Commercial Grade Equipment

Engineered for thousands of hours of continuous use, Vision Graphics recommends equipment that will perform for years with no worries.

Full Service Solution

Consulting, installation, service and content creation. Vision Graphics ensures that your digital signage provides value to your clients and your business.

Higher Education

From donor recognition in the development office to student athlete profiles in the athletic center, from menus in the cafeteria to wayfinding in the student union, the applications for digital display technology in higher education have never been more exciting. From reliable displays that can handle the rigors of public access to specialty displays for labs and classrooms, colleges and universities turn to Vision Graphics for their digital display requirements.


Hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos and healthcare facilities are greeting guests with new video display technology and Vision Graphics is on the forefront of digital signage innovation in these hospitality environments. Designed for the challenges of public venue installations, Vision Graphics digital signage solutions deliver breath-taking imagery that can instruct, inform, direct or inspire guests. Creating digital experiences that are talked about for years to come.


Building on the physical shopping experience with growth in mobile and internet technologies, retail is a growing segment of the global economy and the perfect place to implement new digital signage displays. Mixing technology-enabled experiences in physical stores or showrooms (brick-and-mortar) with internet or mobile sales components is a trend Vision Graphics is leading with innovative display technologies. In museums and retail establishments alike, digital signage can help create the immersive environments that build brand and keep customers coming back for more.


Leading corporations and government agencies are recognizing that their facilities are effectively a spokesperson of their brand, while also creating optimum work environments for employees. From greeting of guests to employee communications and productivity, video technology and digital signage systems can play a key role in creating an ambient environment as dynamic as the companies that deploy them. Vision Graphics is a leading provider of display technology ranging from the desktop to large lobby installations driving productivity, as well as building a brand.


From donor recognition in the lobby to surgical schedules posted at nurse’s stations. From wayfinding in the cafeteria to self-service patient check-in, the applications for digital display technology in hospitals and medical offices abound. From reliable displays that can handle the rigors of public access to specialty displays that can calm frazzled nerves and provide critical information, the healthcare industry looks to Vision Graphics for display innovation and design.

Museums and Galleries

Modern museums, galleries, and experience centers are greeting guests with new video display technology and Vision Graphics is on the forefront of digital storytelling in these spaces. Specifically designed for the challenges of public venue installations, Vision Graphics digital signage solutions deliver breath-taking imagery and interactivity that can attract, engage, inform, and inspire visitors like never before creating lasting impressions for institutions and brands.

  • Increase your sales-per-customer by cross selling and up-selling
  • Dynamic content allows you to update offers and price
  • Eye-catching content draws and keeps attention
  • Decrease printing costs
  • Engage with customers
  • Real-time content updates
  • Manage multiple displays remotely
  • Complete Solution

    Equipment + Installation + Content + Expertise = Success

  • Commercial-grade Equipment

    Built to perform 24/7 for years of flawless service

  • Clean Bezel

    Logo-less presentation and small, uniform bezel allow clean video-wall configurations

Digital Displays

24×7 Reliability and Performance
Engineered from the ground up for extended commercial use, our displays are ideal for demanding 24/7 commercial operations such as airports and control rooms, and as digital signage in retail stores, hospitality settings and corporate lobbies. Each display is equipped with a slim metal bezel that provides enhanced durability and a sleek, sturdy design.

Stunning Image Quality
Experience the immersive qualities of 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) with ultra HD models in 58″ and 65″. Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) models in 46″ and 55″ offer high brightness providing vibrant images that outshine even in higher ambient light conditions.

Eco-Friendly, Fanless Design
Our displays incorporate an advanced energy-efficient architecture, resulting in low power consumption and whisper quiet operation.

The displays are logo-free, allowing the spotlight to shine on the display’s screen. Unbranded bezels are ideal for portrait installations and feature a symmetrical bezel.

Content Players

  • Powerful Video Engine with 1920×1080@60p dual decode
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Lightning fast HTML5 performance
  • Upscale 1080p content to sharp 4K resolution
  • Simultaneous playback from local and networked IP streaming content sources
  • Supports Live Text, RSS feeds, 3D and video walls
  • Offers IP streaming server capabilities to serve video streams from local storage
  • Internal micro SD card slot
  • Built-in wired networking to update and manage your signage
  • Wireless module available (At an extra cost)

Digital Display Accessories

Custom Enclosures

Control Pad Enclosures
From complete integration to a custom stand-alone look, we craft enclosures for control pads and terminals. Any color is possible, and we also have the ability to print custom designs.

Display Enclosures
Enhance your display with a purpose built, sturdy, attractive enclosure. Create an integrated experience and increase the overall eye-catching potential of your display and content.

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Full Support for BrightSign Players

Learn to program your player or contact us to manage your content.

  • Multiple Zones

    Intermingle video, images and elements to draw attention

  • Scheduled Content

    Update content automatically to present time-sensitive information

  • 100% Solid State

    No parts to wear out.