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Forty thousand-some-odd years ago, a brave Neanderthal mixed dirt, plants and animal blood together and drew something on a rock. With this, graphic communications was born and the world was forever changed. People could make their mark. Share ideas. Influence the masses. Ever since then, each generation has advanced communications up to the fine realm of digital imaging we find ourselves in today.

Look around. Digitally printed graphics are everywhere. Today they greet guests at museums, airports and movie theaters. They adorn stages, stadiums and convention halls. They wrap buildings, fences and vehicles. And long before the digital revolution, Vision International was there, inventing, innovating, pushing the limits and pioneering some of the most spectacular graphics the world has ever seen. Along the way, we’ve conquered the most comprehensive projects for the most demanding customers in the most challenging venues. So read on and see for yourself how Vision’s revolutionary innovation and expertise can transform your next event into a visual experience that is impossible to ignore.

We can produce over 4 million square feet of printed graphics per month.

We set a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest Twister Game mat.

We hold multiple U.S. Patents for printing technology we invented.

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